Personal training

One to one pilates sessions to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Covid-19 update. All private lessons are temporarily postponed. Please contact me for advice on one to one online training. Contact me here

I offer 1:1 and 2:1 sessions for those who wish to further their pilates practise in the comfort of your own home and online. After a free consultation we will work through a personalised detailed plan to help you feel more like you again. This programme will be using the pilates method to help you achieve your goals.

Reasons to have 1:1 sessions

  • Perhaps you are returning to exercise and unsure about joining a class.
  • Sit at a desk all day and want to improve posture and core strength.
  • Training for a marathon or sporting event and want conditioning and strengthening to optimise your performance.
  • Have a health goal and want coaching to help you achieve this.
  • Your GP has suggested pilates to you to help keep you fit and healthy.
  • Notice you are getting less mobile and stiff as you get older.
  • Dislike the gym and want to try a low impact training method


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