Corporate Pilates

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Workplace wellbeing packages tailored around your business.


Pilates is at the heart of everything we do at form and flow. We believe it is the perfect antidote to a long stressful day sat behind a desk. That is why we created our pilates based workplace wellbeing workshops and programmes.

Stress is now one of the biggest causes for long term absence in the workplace, with musculoskeletal problems following closely behind. Or more frequently, one will hear mutterings of back pain or shoulder tension between colleagues. Whilst sitting at a desk is often inevitable. It is often how we sit and for how long that is the issue.

That’s where our corporate wellbeing programmes and workshops come in. Within our interactive progressive workshops we give your staff the knowledge and tools to sit better, move more throughout the day, improve focus and destress. With a strong pilates focus, we work on correcting muscular imbalances caused from sitting all day, that are easy to do and not intimidating.

We can accommodate all industries, big or small, and tailor the programme around your company’s working style or particular goals. 

All we need is a meeting room or communal space.  

Benefits include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Lower stress levels
  • Improved focus
  • Less absenteeism
  • Increased confidence
  • A happier work environment
  • Reduced musculature aches and pains
  • Better posture
  • Staff feeling more valued and appreciated

What we can offer your team


Hold a pilates class to fit around the working day. Before, after work, or lunchtime sessions can be arranged to help keep your team mobile and active. Classes are held on site and we provide the mats! 


Hold a workshop as part of a wellbeing day or event. 

We offer 5 different types of workshops:

Calm – Fundamental  movement and breathing techniques to help calm the nervous system.

Focus – Easy exercises for the office to boost energy and focus.

Realign – Essential movement to counteract postural imbalances caused by a sedentary lifestyle.

Reset – Gentle movement to relax tired muscles and switch off after a long day.

Seated – Pilates exercises to do whilst seated at your desk.

Hold a workshop online

Is your team now working remotely. Now we are working form home and less active throughout the day, its more and more important to stay mobile and healthy. Let your team know you still care about there wellbeing and hold a virtual workshop. Contact us for more information on how we can help. 

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