Private Lessons and small group training

I offer 1:1 and 2:1 sessions for those who wish to further their pilates practice. Using specialist pilates equipment including the reformer, cadillac and combo chair to assist you and challenge you in a way matwork can not.

Reasons to have 1:1 sessions

  • Perhaps you are returning to exercise and unsure about joining a class.
  • Sit at a desk all day and want to improve posture and core strength.
  • Training for a marathon or sporting event and want conditioning and strengthening to optimise your performance.
  • Have a health goal and want coaching to help you achieve this.
  • Your GP has suggested pilates to you to help keep you fit and healthy.
  • Notice you are getting less mobile and stiff as you get older.
  • Dislike the gym and want to try a low impact training method
  • In search or Pre or post natal care
Pilates lessons online. Learn pilates method.


pilates workout testimonial form and flow pilayes
Form and Flow pilates testimonial. Pilates workout. Beginner pilates.
Form and Flow pilates testimonial. Beginner pilates. Pilates workouts
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