Month Four - Realign

Month four is here and its jammed pack full of classes and content!!  This month the focus is on realigning the body. We target common muscles groups that are often weakened or “forgotten about” which can cause muscle imbalances  and increasing the possibility of aches and pains and potential injuries.  

We work to reset the pelvis, focusing on alignment and releasing tight muscles that come form sitting all day. We also work on strengthening our upper backs and shoulders, which in todays modern world can get weakened with our lifestyle leading to poor posture and “tech neck”.

This month we work towards to more advanced classical exercises such as swan dive but as with all my classes there are options to take it to your level. 

BONUS-I have created a quick ten minute workout using a pilates ball. We also have a guest teacher Ellen. Ellen and I go way back to our professional dancing days, she has created a 30 minute strength workout for you.


Laura x


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Bonus workout!

Got a quick ten minutes! Try this workout using a pilates ball. You can buy these online or this workout can be done without. 

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Guest teacher - Ellen Tress

This month we welcome Ellen from Enhance fitness digital. She has kindly created a 30 minute strength workout for us! We both hope you enjoy! 

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