About our Pilates Classes

What is Pilates

Pilates is a series of low impact exercises centred around 6 main principles of control, breath, concentration, centring, flow and precision. Originally called “Contrology”  by creator Joseph Pilates, who opened his first New York studio in 1923.  The benefits of Pilates are still enjoyed by millions of people globally nearly 100 years later. 

Today, many people enjoy classical pilates, taught as it were almost a century ago. However some enjoy a more contemporary approach influenced and inspired by Joseph Pilates but adapted to our 21st century lifestyle, making their classes and approach more creative and personal to them. Both styles reward you the same benefits of pilates and keep the same principles at heart of each class. 

Your muscles are never worked to a point of exhaustion in a pilates class. Making it perfect for a midday pick me up at work, giving you more energy and there is very little sweating involved.

The Pilates method is taught to suit each person and can be adapted easily. This method can suit everybody from elite athletes to people with limited mobility, pregnant women and beginners. A great class for everybody. 

Why do pilates at work

How we adapt it for you

Your team is made up of individuals that all bring something spectacular and unique to the table. We know that this is going to be the same story when it comes to pilates, exercise and wellbeing. We all have our strengths and weaknesses but that is what makes us human and what makes a team work. 

The beauty of pilates is that it can be adapted based on the persons in front of you. All exercises can be modified for injuries and levels of experience and fitness whether low or high. Our experienced instructors are well practiced with teaching all bodies. In our classes we gradually build up the exercises giving options to increase difficulty as we go or stay at a level that suits. Keeping the class inclusive and ensuring that no one is left behind.

Pilates classes for the desk worker

As we know sitting at a desk all day comes with its problems, even when we sit well. Tense and rounded shoulders, poor posture habits, low back pain, low energy levels, these are just some of the common complaints we hear of. 

We have focused our classes on helping you reverse that. We work to rebalance the body through precise movements to improve posture and release tension in the body.

In pilates we never work to the point of exhaustion, nor does it make you very sweaty. Therefore, it is ideal for the working day giving you an energy boost.

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On Site Pilates Class

Hold a regular class at your office

Online pilates class whilst at work. Stretching at desk

Online Pilates Class

Online Pilates classes for your remote team

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