About us

At Form and Flow we believe that pilates and yoga is for everyone.

Form and Flow was founded by engaged couple, Laura and Sam. Combining Laura’s experience as qualified and respected instructor and Sam’s commercial experience working in sales and marketing, they run the business together. 

We started Form and Flow as a way to help people learn how to incorporate effective and simple  stretches into their working day.

The benefits of pilates and yoga are now well documented and there is a growing focus on wellbeing in the workplace, that’s why you are here. With 48% of short term and long term leave being due to musculoskeletal injuries such as neck strain, back pain and repetitive strain injury (CIPD 2021), the need for leaders to focus on the wellbeing of their team is more important than ever

That’s why we aim to bring pilates, yoga and wellness to the workplace. Bringing the value of stretching and flexibility to people who may spend a lot of time sitting behind a screen and showing the benefits they can have on both physical and mental wellbeing.

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