My Favourite motivation tips for a real world

They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit and 90 days to turn it into a permanent lifestyle change. Which really isn’t that long in the scale of things. Even with the best intentions, the problem people face and fall out of making those changes is they take on too many changes all at once.
Let’s be honest, for most of us modern life is busy. As women ,we commonly put other peoples needs before our own too.  So time for those new habits and changes are easily moved to the bottom of the to do list ( love a list!)

On top of this, we are also consistently bombarded with information of things we should be doing. From how we eat, where we shop, how we exercise, how much time we spend online, how present we are, how eco conscious we are, are you being mindful, are you meditating, are you drinking enough water, organic foods etc…. So what do you do, a quick search on google and pinterest and yet again bombarded with do this do that… the cycle continues. And yes I can see the irony in this blog post, but hopefully here are some tips to help keep you motivated for todays modern world.

Personally I have definitely felt those pressures and its overwhelming….And guess what….when you try to take on too much, you fall off the wagon. 

Below are some of my favourite tips to help keep you motivated in todays modern world.

1. Remember why you started

Reflect on why you wanted to make that change. Think specifically what made you have that thought. Was it fear of a bad habit developing into something unhealthy, or perhaps where already at that point of wanting to make a change for the better.

2. Record and reward your accomplishments

If you have been looking for an excuse to buy a nice shiny new notebook- here it is!  Keep track of small accomplishments and reward yourself for it. Remember not everything that deserves praise has to be as grand as a marathon or charity sky dive. You haven’t checked your phone all day. Go you!  You finally mastered that tricky yoga pose or pilates move. Fantastic! Write it down!

3. Be kind to yourself

It’s ok to fall off the wagon. It’s ok to not want to do it one day. News flash you are human and its completely OK. Even the shiniest looking fitness influencers have netflix binges. Don’t dwell on it, and start again when you feel ready.

4. Schedule in the time

I often have clients say “I’m rubbish with online stuff as I know I wont do it”. Which will being me back to point 1 why do you want to do it. When you sign up for a class at a gym or studio, you make the effort so make the same effort for your home workout. Set a time slot, get dressed, make the space beautiful, turn off distractions. 

5. Find your cheerleaders

Get a friend or partner involved to help encourage you and hold you accountable.

6. Love what you do

You wanted to make these changes to create a happier more rewarding lifestyle. Evaluate is what you are doing, doing that. Is this method you have chosen the best one for that. There’s no point drinking green smoothies every morning to lose weight if you hate the taste! Find the things you love, experiment with different things that are inline with your health goals and stick with the ones that make you feel awesome!

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