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9 easy steps to help make planning an team building away day a little less stressful .

When people hear team building or away day, it’s normally met with negative connotations. A Stuffy meeting room. Standing in a muddy field. Same old trust fall activities. This can prove a bit of a headache to organise. We have put together 9 easy steps to help your planning be a little easier. 

9 steps:

  1. Objective– Why are you holding this day? What do you want to achieve from this day? Having clear goals set will help keep the day on track. You want everyone to come away feeling like their time was used well. 
  2. Who is coming– Create a register of people who need to attend. This makes it easier to budget and book activities and venues.
  3. When – Make sure everyone who needs to attend can. As simple as that sounds, a key decision maker will want to be involved. Also keep in mind the business calendar as not to clash with dates. This also makes it easier to book a venue.
  4. Think outside the box – Standing in a cold muddy field and trust exercises are a bit outdated. Find an activity everyone will enjoy and benefit from. Why not enquire about our yoga retreats or dance workshops?
  5. Location– Is it easy to get too? Does it have parking or easy public transport links? Is it memorable or inspiring? As well as a venue that’s easy to access, choosing a standout venue will excite attendees.
  6. Keep people involved – When booking with us, we will provide you with an information pack to send round to all attendees. This should help solve most questions and keep your inbox a little clearer.
  7. Allow for downtime – Keep the day relaxed and informal. Scheduling downtime allows for informal discussions that create bonds 
  8. Remember the objectives – Assigning one or two people to take notes of the day is a good way of ensuring the objectives of the day are met and taken into practise back at the office.
  9. Breathe – relax, enjoy the day.

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