Corporate Yoga and Pilates classes for the workplace

Boost team morale and engagement with Pilates, Yoga and Wellbeing classes and workshops. Either onsite or online.

Form and Flow is focused on providing wellbeing services to our clients and their employees. We provide bespoke workshops and programmes which are delivered through interactive classes and designed to fit the natural flow of your business and employees through the working week.

We provide regular yoga and pilates classes on site at your office or delivered online. Bring your team together to stretch the stress away and learn to create healthy habits to ease tight muscles and reduce stress throughout the working day. 

Our classes are centred on creating a balanced body through flexibility, realignment, strength and increased mobility. We aim to create a sanctuary for your team to clear their minds, re-energise and step out of their daily routine.

We also provide wellbeing workshops and wellness days. From desk yoga, nutrition, mindfulness or pilates for better posture and many more. We have a wide range of workshops available for your next wellbeing at work event. 

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Let us help you take the stress away from planning your Corporate Wellness strategy

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Why you should do pilates and yoga at work

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Pilates classes for the office

Stretch out tight muscles and improve posture. Take a break from sitting at your desk in our Pilates classes designed for the workplace. Our experienced instructors either come to you onsite or for remote workers we meet through zoom. 

Find out more about how our pilates classes can help your team

Yoga classes for the office

Clear your mind and stretch away the daily stresses of work life with our Yoga classes. Our experienced instructors either come to you or we meet online for a regular gentle stretch. We can also hold workshops and wellness at work days. 

Find out more about how our yoga classes can help you team.

Man meditation at his desk during office yoga class.

Workshops and Wellness days

View our range of wellness workshops that we can deliver to you in person or online. Bring the team together for chair yoga, improve your posture with pilates, nutrition talks, and meditation lessons. Take a look and chat to us today to find out how we can help your team build a better connection between body and mind. 

Helping companies and its employee's ensure physcial and mental wellbeing throughout the working day through pilates and yoga based workshops held on site or online

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