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Friendly pilates classes in Banbury and online.

My ethos

 I wanted to create an online space that resembled how I teach in person. A safe intimidation free environment where clients are encouraged to work at their pace and level to suit their body. My belief is to approach fitness with compassion and focus on feeling good inside and out while being kind to your body and mind. From my experience as a fitness coach, this leads to more sustainable changes to your health and wellbeing.

So, I created the Core Collective. An online pilates subscription with a difference.

I’m pleased to say that classes are starting to return in Banbury and Warwickshire area. If you would like to join me in a class you can find more information here.

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What makes my online pilates classes different ?

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As an experienced instructor, I understand each persons body is different. I will guide and teach you gradually and safely , allowing room for modifications or extra challenges as needed or desired.



In the Core Collective, each month has a theme and a goal. To help track progress towards each goal I have created a pilates journal which you can download, allowing you to track your progress, see real improvements and have that amazing feeling of accomplishment.

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Form and Flow membership includes access to our private facebook group. Here you can ask questions, get support and interact with like-minded people. You will also receive the added bonus of live Q and A’s, additional videos and tips.


Internet fitness can be a minefield as well as daunting for a beginner or novice. No one gets left behind in my face to face class and my online course is no different.

pilates classes for beginners

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