Welcome to Form and Flow. Pilates for better posture and wellbeing.

Pilates instruction for life and the workplace based in Oxfordshire/Warwickshire. Providing small group classes, private tuition, online coaching and corporate fitness services.

Do you sit at a desk all day, slumped over a laptop? Starting to feel less and less mobile and active? A comprehensive pilates program will focus on targeting the muscles which help support the spine, improving flexibility and posture. Helping you effectively build core strength, increasing your range of motion whilst toning and scuplting the muscles. 

With many of my clients noticing how their back pain has lessened and how they feel they move more freely throughout the day. Whether you are an individual or enquiring for your workforce, if you want to feel taller and stronger, Form and Flow pilates is for you.

For local (North Oxfordshire/Warwickshire) pilates classes and 1:1 private lessons please click here


Pilates for the office

Pilates focused movement and wellbeing within the workplace. Helping you sit better at your desk, improve posture and keep you mobile throughout the working day. With our interactive programmes and workshops designed for the workplace.

Not just a fitness class, our wellbeing programmes and workshops have been designed with the workplace at its centre. Targeting key muscle groups that become imbalanced or stressed from sitting at a desk for prolonged periods of time. Which can contribute too low mood, back aches, muscle tension, headaches and more. We give you the knowledge and tools to counteract this and keep you fit and mobile throughout the working day.

Suitable for all levels, our workshops are designed to get you moving and feeling better. Our low impact classes fit perfectly around the day to ensure your company still operates. 

Our instructors have years of experience within their field and can’t wait to share their passion with you. All of our instructors are fully qualified and insured so you know you are in safe hands. 


Woman practsing yoga in the workplace. Corporate wellbeing programmes UK.


Corporate pilates

Corporate fitness classes: Lunch time yoga and pilates express session to help awaken the body and refocus the mind. Helping staff feel rejuvenated for the rest of the day. What afternoon slump?? Find out more here.

12 week programme: A comprehensive 1:1 programme for those that want the best results and real change. Pilates focused movement course that helps staff counter effect the negative effects from sitting poorly at a desk all day. Learn what happens to the body and retrain the muscles to sit better throughout the day.  Find out more here.

Workshops: Inclusive movement and wellbeing workshops aimed for a busy office. A great addition to a wellbeing event or as an introduction to the 12 week programme. Choose from four workshops: Calm, Focus, Realign or Reset. Find out more here.

Retreats and team building: A new kind of team building activity. Reward your employees with a wellbeing retreat. With a large choice of activities, all designed to refocus, restore and calm the body and mind. Find out more here.


Pilates Classes and personal training in Banbury and surrounding areas.

Local Classes and 1:1 personal training are also available for those in the North Oxfordshire/Warwickshire area. For class timetable information please click here. For information on 1:1 lessons please click here.

Would you like private lessons but don’t live in the catchment area? Enquire now about online training sessions.


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